Apple fruit seedlings – Idared

Sadnice jabuka Ajdared

It ripens in late September, early October. The fruit is a large ball-shaped, yellow-green skin covered for the most part with an attractive redness. Flesh firm, juicy, whitish, tartaric, quality. The tree is up to medium lush, medium early flowering suitable for the form of a spindle bush. The flower is sensitive to late frosts. Possible appearance of Jonathan spots. One of the leading and economically important varieties in our country. It always has a good market price, on substrates of low and medium lushness (M9, M26, MM106) with good care it gives high and regular yields. It is a good pollinator of many varieties, and it is pollinated by: Golden Delicious, Granny Smith. Browning of the skin may occur on early harvested fruits. The fruit does not fall off.
Available on substrates: M9, M26 and MM106.