“Agro Max Nursery” understands that the privacy of your data is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used and shared online. We respect every visitor to the website www.rasadnikagromax.com (hereinafter “our website”) and will collect and use the most basic information necessary for the smooth functioning of the website in the manner described in this document, and in a manner consistent with our legal obligations and your legal rights.

Please read this privacy policy in detail, and make sure you understand it correctly. The option of accepting and agreeing to this policy will be offered to you on your first visit to our website. If you do not agree with it for any reason, and do not accept it, you must immediately stop using our website and its services.
Information about us

“Agro Max Nursery” controls and processes the data on our website and we are responsible for your personal data.
If you need to contact us regarding anything related to this privacy policy, you can do so by sending an email to info@rasadnikagromax.com or using the contact form on this website.

What types of personal data do we collect?

In order to be able to provide you with the maximum positive experience when using our website and services, as well as to ensure the safe use of our website, we collect three basic types of data.
Information you leave us directly

This is the information you leave us when creating a user account on our website, or by using the contact form on the contact page or the request request page. In these cases, we may store and process data such as: your name, surname, email address, the name of the company in whose name you are contacting us, the business of your company.
Data that we automatically collect through your use of the site
Information on how you use our website

We may store and in special cases process information about which keywords you have used to search our website, as well as text conversations with the administrators of our website sent via the contact form on our website.
Information about your devices

While using our website, we may collect and process information about the devices you access from. This information includes the make and type of the device, the operating system and its version, unique device labels, and possibly the network information you are accessing from.
Information about your location

While using our website, we may collect and process information about your location, via IP address technology or the GPS sensor of your mobile device (the latter in case you send us your photos with EXIF ​​metadata. If you do not want this information to be available, you must process your photos in an external application that removes this data or turn off the GPS sensor of your device when taking photos).
Cookies and other similar technologies

When you access our website, we use cookie technology to provide you with a pleasant and easy use of our website. This includes technologies to identify your browser in order to recognize you in the event of a return visit to our website. This data is automatically stored on your device and may be in the form of cookies and application cache data required to use our website.
Information you leave us when paying for services

When you use the option to order or pay for services on our website, we may store information about your payments to our company, including your bank name, current account number, and the place and time of payment.
For what purposes we collect your personal information

Nursery “Agro Max” can collect and process your personal data for various purposes. All the purposes mentioned below are our legal obligation (such as User Identification) or contractual obligation to users, arising from the Terms and Conditions of Use of our website and services (which regulate the provision of desired information society services to users and the realization of our legitimate interests).
User identification

Identification of users of our website in terms of user account or contact via the contact form is necessary in order to ensure the smooth functioning of certain functions of the website. Also, in the event that a criminal offense is committed using our website, the identification of the user protects the injured party, assists the investigative and executive state bodies in identifying the perpetrator, and can help resolve civil disputes.
User profiling

Because the use of our website is free and publicly available to all visitors, collecting statistics on the number of visits to certain websites, categories or groups on our website can help profile the affinity of users and needs for our services, and thus facilitate us showing more relevant content to visitors.