Raising perennial fruit orchards is a serious job, in addition to enormous effort and work, it also requires huge financial resources for some fruit species and over 20,000.00 euros per hectare of orchards. Due to the enormous work and large investment required to raise the plantations, this work must be approached responsibly, because every wrong move can cost dearly in the years of plantation exploitation.
The most important item a, and the cheapest when planting, is healthy certified planting material. You can buy certified planting material only in registered nurseries. You can check whether the nursery is registered for the production of seedlings or the so-called unregistered (facebook nursery) on the website of the Business Registers Agency (www.apr.gov.rs) by simply entering the name of the nursery or ID number, because according to the law of the Republic of Serbia to deal only with legal entities, not agricultural holdings of natural persons.
When choosing a nursery from which to buy seedlings, be sure to visit your seedling supplier at least a year in advance. The advantages of this approach to buying seedlings are numerous. One of the most important items is the fact that you will need the amount of seedlings of the desired variety on the desired medium, you will have the opportunity to monitor the production of seedlings, monitor their health, the method of production, choose the desired type of seedlings (seedling rod, KNIP seedlings branches) arrange the time of delivery of seedlings (so that you can plan planting) and get an additional discount for ordered seedlings.
Most serious nurseries that deal with this business professionally grant an additional discount for early ordering of seedlings. In the nursery “Agro max” for early ordering of seedlings, you get the right to a discount that ranges from 10-20% depending on the type of seedlings and free delivery on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.