The distance between the seedlings in the orchards is different, both between the rows and in the row itself. It mainly depends on the type and lushness of seedlings, climatic conditions, method of processing (by hand or by machinery) …

Seedlings should be planted at a sufficient distance so that the surface you have prepared for planting can accommodate the maximum number of seedlings, but to ensure the normal and maximum development of the seedling canopy, so that there is enough light.

The calculation is done by first calculating the area occupied by one seedling, and then dividing the area of ​​one hectare by that area.

Example of calculating the required seedlings per 1 hectare:

For example, if the distance between the rows is 4 meters with the distance between the seedlings of 2 meters.
Multiply the distance between the rows by the distance between the seedlings (4×2 = 8, the seedling occupies an area of ​​8 m2.), And then divide by the area we provided for the orchard planting in this example is 1 hectare (10000m2: 8 = 1250 seedlings).
We got a budget that we need 1250 fruit seedlings for 1 hectare.