The tradition of seedling production in the Djuric family dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The village of Velika Drenova is known as an important fruit and wine-growing area, with special micro-climatic conditions and fertile land and ideal conditions for the production of planting material. Due to such conditions, back in 1903, ZZ “Velika Drenova” was founded and at that time organized the most modern production of planting material in Europe. One of the founders of ZZ “Velika Drenova” was the Djuric family, as one of the largest producers of planting material. In the middle of the 20th century, ZZ “Velika Drenova” grew into the company “Vino Kalem”, which became the center of grafting known all over the world.

The Djuric family also made a great contribution to that production, with an annual production of 200-250,000 seedlings and was one of the largest subcontractors. Seedlings produced by the Djuric family can be found in all republics of the former SFRY, countries of the former USSR, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, Poland … From such a long tradition and experience of the Djuric family, he founded the nursery “Agro Max” with which it continues the tradition of producing fruit and vine seedlings for more than a century.
The Djuric family with the Agro max nursery is today the largest producer of fruit seedlings in Velika Drenova and one of the largest family nurseries in the Rasina district and Serbia, with the production of 130000-150000 fruit seedlings (personal production, without subcontractors). 50% of our production goes to export.
What sets us apart from others is the fact that we do not use herbicides and other inadequate chemical agents in the production process, which guarantees a high percentage of our seedlings. The production of fruit seedlings takes place on plots where seedlings have not been produced for the last ten years, and often where there have never been fruit seedlings.
We are very proud of the fact that the substrates we use in production 90% come from our own parent plantations. Coil buds are bought from leading producers in the field, and one of the suppliers is the Cacak Fruit Growing Institute. The nursery has all the necessary resources for the production of 500,000 fruit seedlings in its own production (production without subcontractors), and with subcontractors up to 5,000,000 fruit seedlings.
Another additional guarantee for the quality of fruit seedlings produced in our nursery is the control of fruit seedling production performed by the Ministry of Agriculture (Plant Protection Administration) and the Krusevac Agricultural Expert Service several times during the vegetative year, and the analysis for the presence of the virus is performed by the Cacak Fruit Institute times during the year.

Show us your trust and make sure of the quality of seedlings produced in the Agro max nursery.

Sincerely, The Djuric Family and Agro Max. Nursery