Lozni kalem crna vinska sorta Frankovka

The Frankovka grapevine is a red wine variety. The grain is medium-sized round, the skin is thick and firm, dark blue in color, the flesh is juicy, the juice has a neutral taste, with a lower content of sugar and pronounced acidity. The leaf is a large three-part dark green color, the reverse of the leaf is lighter. Cluster medium, large or very large pyramidal shape. It belongs to the lush varieties, gives birth regularly and abundantly. Later it starts with vegetation. This variety is suitable for growing on different terrains, except that on lower terrains the wine is less colored. The wine is intensely ruby red in color, medium extract, the taste is green. Fully matured and aged wine develops a characteristic taste and aroma. The Frankovka variety is tolerant to fungal diseases.
Available on substrates: Kober 5BB and SO4.